Success Stories

I just visited Byron for a week with three friends. We had 6 training sessions with Jaz and I cannot recommend her more highly. She was incredibly professional, enthusiastic and effective at keeping us motivated and challenged! I’m definitely booking in for more training during my next visit to Byron! Thanks Jaz!
Sarah Griffin
28, Melbourne, VIC
Thanks sooo much to Jaz for making me believe in me, pushing me to my limits, and just being an all over rad chick to hang out with early in the morning! When you didn’t believe in your self, want to push your self or get up early in the morning. Her personal training sessions and 21 Day Challenge have made me reach so many of my fitness and personal goals to finish off 2016 … now lets keep it up for 2017!!
Byron Bay, NSW
Before I started personal training with Jaz I was a sporadic gym goer. I’d go every day for three weeks and when I didn’t look like Miranda Kerr at the end, I’d give up.I also love to eat and my portions were big – which I blame on having three brothers. No dainty girly servings in my family! The result? Overweight, tired and grumpy. When I quit my job two years ago to start a new one, I thought it was a good opportunity for a new health regime too.
So I joined another gym and they offered me two free personal training sessions with Jaz. I was sceptical about personal training and honestly only intended going to those two free sessions. That soon changed. Personal training was quite a shock to begin with. I realized I had absolutely no core strength. I also dreaded the early mornings – getting out of bed at 5.30am was torture.
But the feeling afterwards was more than worth it. I never believed people when they said exercising gave them more energy. But it is the truth. I felt more awake and alive after my PT sessions and my afternoon slumps which had me reaching for the nearest chocolate bar, disappeared.

But without Jaz I would never have stuck with it. When you have a PT appointment, it’s one you have to keep. I couldn’t tell myself I was too tired, or I needed five minutes more sleep. I knew Jaz was waiting for me and I couldn’t let her down. She’s always happy and bubbly which helps when you are dragging your feet into the gym in the dark. You can tell she just loves her job, which I think is great for her clients to see.
Jaz provides the perfect balance between knowing when to push you and when there are days you need to go at your own pace – but she never lets you slack off! Each session with Jaz is never the same. One day it’s arms and core, another is legs or back, then you might do a circuit or boxing. The variation is great and the sessions always fly by. Jaz also goes above and beyond for her clients
. Inspirational messages and random “what have you eaten today?” check-ins via text- are proof she never stops thinking about her clients and always wants them to do better.

In the last two years I’ve lost about 8 kilos and now have a healthy, sustainable weight. What’s even better is that I am still losing centimetres each time I get my “measures” done which means I’m losing fat and gaining muscle. It’s nice to know each lunge, sit-up or dead lift really is working.

This is all thanks to Jaz. Adelaide’s loss is Byron Bay’s gain.

Lacey Hood
24, Adelaide, SA
When I signed up for personal training I knew I wanted to get fit but I wasn’t sure where to start, I had bursts of enthusiasm that seemed to fade fast. I really wanted to improve my surfing skills but I couldn’t seem to pass a certain point. The uncertainty I was feeling quickly turned around with Jazz’s motivation and goal setting. Her friendly and supportive nature made me feel comfortable enough to launch into my fitness journey with confidence. The food diary was a pivotal moment and I haven’t looked back since. Jazz’s insights and guidance pointed me in the right direction and the difference I felt in my moods and outlook was so amazing, I can’t look back now . The workouts felt empowering and my confidence and stamina flourished filtering into all other aspects of my life. I could trust that when things got tough, Jazz was there for me, talking me through exercises and striving to get the most out of my session. The positive changes I was feeling on the inside alone were improving my outlook on life. I did not expect to see such huge results after 12 weeks; I feel I can put my bikini on proud ready for summer, I truly broke through a barrier I saw for myself, and my paddling and enthusiasm for surfing is reaping the rewards now. Jazz, you’ve started me on a journey to a much healthier and happier me. Thankyou x
Brony Morris
33, Byron Bay, NSW
Jaz was my PT for the past 18 months and I am so sad to see her go! As I exercise regularly I didn’t need motivation, but Jaz really pushed me to do exercises I wouldn’t normally do and focus on areas of weakness, which has really improved my overall fitness. Jaz has excellent knowledge of the body, nutrition and fitness and tailors your workout to suit your personal fitness goals. She is always enthusiastic and friendly – even at 6am in the morning! I would recommend her to anyone wanting to make some positive changes to their body and health.
Justine Hugo
Adelaide, SA
My mother and I came to Byron for some RnR in October and thought we would get in some exercise at the same time. I contacted Jaz for assistance and she couldn’t have been of more help! She was bubbly and reliable and loved her job. The workouts were diverse and hard and after pushing through the initial pain I felt fantastic! She even changed them slightly for my mother to make her feel comfortable throughout all the workouts. I’d definitely recommend Jaz to anyone looking for a personal trainer and I can’t wait to get back to Byron to train with her! Thanks Jaz!
Val & Anna
Sydney, NSW
Jaz is the best personal trainer! I have been training with Jaz for over a year, having signed up for two sessions every week for 12 weeks soon after I joined the gym. Before training with Jaz I used to do lots of RPM classes plus a few pump classes but never spent much time with weights, and if I did it would be a few workouts using machines. What I didn’t realise was that weight training was what I needed!
Jaz picked up straight away all the areas I needed to work on like as posture, flexibility and core strength. Initially, the workouts were tough and I have to admit – I was looking forward to the end of the 12 weeks!
But … during the 12 weeks I noticed huge all-round improvements and by the end I was looking forward to each of my PT sessions and re-arranging my work to fit in with my training sessions, and even doing a few early morning sessions…so I continued training with Jaz doing two session every week!
Training became all about using free weights and compound exercises with a few killer circuit sessions thrown in just for fun – although I was covered in sweat at the end of each workout, I felt great (well maybe 30 minutes after the session when I had recovered).
Training with Jaz has helped me to discover CrossFit, something I would have never tried before as well as the importance of nutrition and the Paleo diet … before training with Jaz I thought I could eat anything and still get results!
I have changed my whole approach to health, fitness and exercise since training with Jaz and now it’s become a lifestyle I love and I’ll never look back!
Adrian Swiatnik
40, Adelaide, SA
5 Month Achievement:
- 10kg weight loss
- Hips lost 20.4cm (109 down to 88.6)
- Lower abs lost 16.5cm (90.5 down to 74 cm)
- Waist lost 18.7 cm (81.6 down to 62.9)
- Thighs lost 17.3cm (67.5 down to 50.2)

I decided to get “fit” when I saw people double my age looking healthier than me and thought if they can do it I have no excuses. I had always had a gym membership but only went every now and then to do a bit of cardio. I was achieving nothing so I decided to look into Personal Training, that’s when I found Jaz and have never looked back! Jaz has motivated me to change my lifestyle she knows how to push you and show you what you never thought you could achieve. I never wanted to do weights because I was afraid of bulking up..oh how my thoughts have changed! I have completely slimmed down and toned up. I definitely would recommend Jaz to anyone looking to get into shape, whatever your goal is she will get you there. I used to despise working out but Jaz had such a bubbly personality she would turn a dull training session into fun and constantly mixed up my workout so I never got bored. She kept a record of my body and weight measurements and every month we would review the results and see how far I had come; this would motivate me even more to beat my previous results.
Gabi Scott
20, Adelaide, SA
5 Month Achievement:
- 13kg weight loss
- Waist lost 21cm (93cm down to 72cm)
- Lower abs lost 19cm (103 down to 84)
- Hips lost 20cm (115cm down to 95)
Sharna Tapp
33, Adelaide, SA
I purchased a 12 pack of PT sessions with Jaz. From the first session I was impressed with the exercises that Jaz set me, in that they were weight based but also got your heart rate going after just a few reps.

She quickly analysed what my limits were and set programs that made me feel challenged but not defeated. Jaz always encouraged me when I was struggling and would help to get me in the mind frame that I could do it if I just put my mind to it.

She made me feel extremely comfortable around her and also instilled confidence in myself. After one month we took measurements to check my progress and I couldn’t be happier with the results.

I lost 8.8cm off my lower abs, 6.2 off my waist, 4.4 off my chest and 4.2 off my hips! And after all that, I could have done more with my diet etc. We also sat down to discuss diet and she amazed me with her knowledge of foods and how they affect the body. She taught me things about diet and exercise that I will be able to continue with and keep in mind. If you’re looking for a trainer who doesn’t make it feel like a chore and who produces results, I highly recommend Jaz!
Steph Finlayson
Adelaide, SA
Before I met Jaz, my story was one that would be familiar to many. I was unhappy with my increasing size, rising weight and feeling depressed at having to buy larger clothes (to hide in) each season. Feeling unattractive and unhealthy I would hit the gym and do as much cardio as possible and restrict food to reduce calories (and I counted and tracked EVERY calorie I ate). A few exhausting weeks of this would sometimes see a weight loss of a kilo or so which made me really happy. But by that time I was tired, hungry and frustrated; attempting to follow a regime of struggle and sacrifice that became impossible to maintain. I couldn’t bear the thought of another gym visit and my diet would go back to ‘normal’ and the cycle would start again.

I needed to try something different. So I signed up for a few trial personal training sessions. They went well and it was immediately clear that Jaz was genuinely interested in my health and happiness, rather than just knocking numbers off the scale. Those few sessions turned into two per week and I looked forward to them. I felt myself getting stronger. I wanted to keep going back to see what new exercises I would be able to do, and what advances I would make each session.

Jaz listened to me, and adopted a training style that fit well with my goals and my personality. She got more out of me than I expected by creating a fun, friendly training environment.

Jaz is positive, enthusiastic, and sincere. We’ve laughed a lot; done loads of lunges and she’s given me the support and tools I needed to really understand what I should be feeding my body and how I should be exercising it, and not to obsess over the scales. Jaz has been the spark I needed to improve my diet, want to exercise, be motivated and build my confidence.

Jaz, I don’t think you realise how much you have helped me; more than I can properly put into words. It’s the biggest change I’ve ever made to my diet and exercise, the only one that has actually worked – you’ve made it easy and I’m really looking forward to seeing more positive changes in myself.

If you ever come back to SA, I’ll be the first in line to train with you!
Belinda Cook
36, Adelaide, SA
I have been having Personal Training sessions with Jaz for over 12 months and have had a fantastic experience. Jaz is a great motivator and pushes you to achieve the results you are after. She always has plenty of advice on exercise and nutrition and is just great fun to work with. I have found that I am so much fitter than I used to be and have a better understanding of the right foods to eat. I have been very happy with the progress I have made with Jaz, having dropped many centimetres on my arms, chest, waist, abs, hips, thighs and calves. Jaz really cares about her clients succeeding with their goals and I would definitely recommend her as a fantastic Personal Trainer.
Miranda Moyle
30, Adelaide, SA
My life changed when I met Jaz. She is amazing! I have learnt so much about myself, and what my body is capable of. While there were times I wanted to quit after that extra burpie, or that sprint, I couldn't have asked for a better trainer. I now know that I can do that extra burpie and sprint that little bit faster. After many injuries, Jaz has got me through it all and I am now fitter and stronger than I feel I have ever been. If you're looking for a big smile, someone to kick your butt, and one that will help you through general life - Jaz is your girl! Love, Han xx
Byron Bay, 24yo.
Dear Jaz, Thank you so much for training me, it has been wonderful and made my time in Byron even more special! I despite some mornings finding it hard to get up early and train, I honestly felt so amazing after each session and quickly learned the benefits of training with you! I’m so appreciative of your consistent encouragement, support and killer workouts and cannot wait to do your online 21 Day Challenge! You are more than just a trainer and such an inspiration to everyone around you.
Emily Brennan
Byron Bay, 26yo.

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