Easily my favourite city in the world so far, Barcelona!

Before arriving a few people had told me that Barcelona was one of their favourite places, in my mind I was like – ‘how good can a city be, let’s be honest?!’ … Low and behold Barcelona smashed all expectations! 

The culture, people, beauty and history of the city! WOW!

I could walk this city for hours on end exploring every little hidden alleyway (and I did!).

I’m obsessed with this city. The beach culture, bustling streets, tapas and fantastic Spanish wine!

I fell in love listening to chit chat spoken in words that I could not understand.

The warmth of the people, the high stone buildings, the intricate architecture, the street art, the music.

Exploring as a lone traveler has its advantages with your eyes wide open to every experience and opportunity; however I’m going to say I was never truly alone. Making friends along the way was a massive part of why I had such a fantastic time in this city.

Barcelona is the only city I have ever considered moving to… learning another language and culture… hell I would do it! I think there may just be too much tapas and wine however for me to survive in my PT career! haha and to be honest none of the gyms open until 10 or 11am (WHAAAAAT?!)

The amount of times I tried to go to a gym (Yes, I even googled the opening hours) to find it still closed at 8 or 9am! WOW, Truly such a night culture here, it is beautiful!

Not so much in a party party way, more in a eat dinner (tapas & drinks) at 11pm kinda way, and if you hit the clubs (right on the beach!) you only start to go out around 2-3am!

I thought I would struggle being such a morning person however the talented holidayer that I am I managed to fit straight in, and even get up in the wee hours of the morning to go for 20-30km exploring missions, walking all around the city all day.

My mantra for Barcelona (ok, the whole of my Spain trip) was ‘Sleep When You’re Dead’…. 

Health kick back at home hey….

Pont del Bisbe (Bishop St Bridge)

– There is something extremely beautiful about this medieval bridge. It took my fancy on my first day. From then on every time I thought I was lost, then I would somehow find myself walking under it again and realise that I was somehow almost home.

I like to put away the map sometimes and usually follow my nose and somehow end up home. Let’s be honest if I get truly lost, well I’m on holiday, so really have no place to be. So there truly are no worries!

One of the everyday buildings on my strolls, the history amazes me! I love each and every building in Barca!

Montjuic Castle

On the way to the beach, there is nothing quite like the sunshine catching on these palms that screens ‘summer!’

Arc De Triomf

– My absolute favourite, there is something about this place in summer that just speaks to my soul! (maybe the bubble blower helped a little too)

Views as we hiked to Montjuic…

Let’s all note that I in no way planned to end up here… we just went walking though the city one day and kept going, and going, and going!

Casa Mila

–  I went on a jog one morning to find a gym (that turned out to still be closed) and stumbled upon this stunning piece of architecture by Gaudi.


– Always with my favourite girl Victoria… We met on my first day in Barcelona (she is from South Africa) and then continued to meet up on our travels in San Sebastian & Ibiza as well, just out of coincidence!

What a great friend to make, we both love a good chat, a nice wine and some relaxed tapas!

Strolling the streets in search of more tapas and vino to fill our (probably already full) bellies with.

Saint Felip Neri’s Square, Gothic Quater

– Victoria and I went on a walking tour through the city (literally 15 minutes after I arrived in the city, after 2 days travel from Aus!) This stunning location has a dark history that was explained by our walking guide.

It is worth understanding the culture, politics and history of this city. A walking tour was a great way to get to know the city and get a little bit of history.

Strolling the streets

– A hot summers day calls for a little dress, however I highly recommend getting a little tourist nerdy and putting on some Nikes! The BEST decision I ever made, as I ended up walking about 20-30km every single day while I was in Barca!

Street Art

– Is absolutely incredible in Barcelona! This was one of my favourites that I stumbled on in my days strolling and trolling the city.

Sunrise in Barcelona

– Where the only people on the beach (apart from me because I’m a fitness nerd) are the ones still going form the night before!

I would have loved to get some pics of the beach during the day as I have NEVER in my life been on a beach with SO many people in my life! I literally lay downed my toes were nearly touching some guys head that lay down in front of me!

Of course there are so many people (and pick pockets) on the beach I only took a sarong and credit card (tucked into my bikini top) so that I could swim, and no camera or phone with me!

Barcelona Cathedral

– Right beside where I was staying there was the stunning Cathedral. If memory serves me if you want a tour and go after 5pm it is a lot cheaper!

Places like this makes me think… back in the day they built the most stunning architectural designs… lots by hand! Now days we have all the machinery and tools in the world to make building easier and end up building the shittiest square buildings with no character at all!!!? I don’t understand, someone please explain!

(Do these thoughts go though other peoples minds too!?)

Street Art

7am, Sant Sebastia

– The absolute quietest time on this beach, this picture will probably be the emptiest you will see it!

W Barcelona – known as the Hotel Vela (Sail Hotel)  iconic!



  1. Walk everywhere, immerse yourself! Barca is one of the most stunning cities in the world, most of the ‘sights’ to see I actually bumped into doing a morning jog or just walking the streets exploring!
  2. Make the most of it! Eat the food, drink the wine (21 Day Challenge when I came back because I was pretty fat hey!!) I didn’t regret a second of it though!
  3. Do your research to find good food & good bars! Luckily we had a little local knowledge that went a long way… the Spanish are the most friendly people, you know one? Hit them up for tips! They will tell you all the great places!
  4. Enjoy the experience and don’t get stuck sight seeing... there are SO many incredible sights to see in Barcelona that you could spend weeks trying to see them all, but let’s be honest some of the most memorable parts of your travel are the spontaneous ones!
  5. Travel alone? I love to travel solo! Most of the time I backpack (making the most of cheap accommodation while I’m in my 20’s!)
  6. While backpacking, I ALWAYS take ear plugs and an eye mask! Through the whole of Sapin (even Ibiza) I had absolutely no trouble sleeping (even if I was in a dorm with 6 other people)…
  7. Don’t be scared! There are so many travel blogs on Barcelona saying to be weary of pick pockets etc. Yes. Be weary, don’t leave your handbag sitting on the ground in a restaurant, when you walk in crowded places have your handbag to the front of your body, zipped up etc. and don’t leave your belongings sitting on the beach while you swim (ever). However I NEVER felt un-safe at all, even walking alone at night. There seems to be more ‘cheeky’ petty theft but in no way did I ever feel unsafe (for myself) and worry about being physically harmed  (as I have in other travels around the world).
  8. Don’t sleep in! If you want to party, make sure you still get up and explore the day. #SleepWhenYou’reDead  You will somehow pull though, and a 20 minute power nap before heading out for dinner does wonders!


Location is a MUST!

I love to be able to stay central and be able to walk everywhere.

I couldn’t care less what the place I stay in looks like, because let’s be honest I am not there for many hours in the day at all!

I stayed in the Gothic Quarter and I would highly recommend staying here. It is so close to everything you want to see and only about 20mins walk to the beach.

Hit me in the comments if you have any other questions!


XOXO Gossip Girl 


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