Name – Cassie Anderson
Age – 36
Where are you from? Originally Tasmania, but I left when I was 18 so I’ve had half my life out of there!
Business or Girlboss Title?  Freelance Fashion Stylist and Creator of Balincourt
Fav Type of LLL Workout? When it gets to the end of the workout…just joking! I love high intensity cardio combined with deep burning strength – circuits I guess?
Dirty Secret? My partner hates mint chocolate, I buy it so I can have it all!
Your Happy Place? Clarkes Beach, down The Pass end, floating in the water when it’s warm. Also where Jason proposed, so it’s pretty special.
Go To Healthy Meal? Baked fish with steamed Asian greens.
If You Had To Delegate 100 Burpies Who Would It Be To And Why? Ouch! I honestly couldn’t give that to anyone! I’d give them to myself – I’m in crazy wedding prep mode at the moment.
What Does Your Morning Routine Look Like? It varies depending on what shoots I have on, some are crazy early starts. Usually I’m up by 6am, training by 6:30am, home for coffee and breakfast, and ready and into work by 8am.
Latest Tune on Spotify? In My Feelings, Drake. High rotation playlist – LLL Summer Workout Vibes 😉
Greatest Success on Your Girlboss Journey So Far? Starting my own bag label and gaining customers. Styling Olivia Newton-John was a highlight on the styling side.
Most Challenging Part Of Your Girlboss Journey So Far? Keeping motivation and momentum going. There are real highs and deep lows working for yourself, you have to learn to keep on believing in yourself and what you are doing and to keep trying.
Something People Don’t Know About You? I’m a qualified Junior Tennis coach.
How Fitness and Health Helps You Be a Boss? You are rarely running on autopilot when you run your own business, so I need to have mental clarity every day. Eating well, being kind to my gut and exercising everyday helps keep my mind focused, sharp and positive and my body full of energy to get through long days on location or in front of the computer screen.
If You Had Endless Supplies of Cash What Would You Being Doing Right Now? Living an endless Summer! While running a larger version of my current business.
Sunrise or Sunset? I love working out while the sun is rising and love having a wine while the sun sets! Got to have balance right??
Green Juice or Margarita? Aaww damn! Margarita is my all-time favourite cocktail, so I have to say Margarita.
Beach or Mountains? Beach all the way.
TRX or Squat Rack? Squat rack for sure. TRX is full body brutal.
Most Used Emoji? The kiss blowing/winking face. It’s so versatile 💁
Coffee or Matcha? Coffee for sure, I’m yet to have a satisfying matcha!
HIIT Session or Weights? LOVE both, I honestly do. Combine the two and I’m in heaven.
If You Were An Animal What Would You Be? I would love to explore under the ocean. I’m obsessed with whales, so I’d give that a go.
Almond Butter or Peanut Butter? Almond
Booty or Abs? Booty. I like big butts and I cannot lie.
Sweet or Savoury? I’m a savoury girl all the way!


– Cass Anderson 


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