It’s time to sweat it up babes, get your heart rate rising and blast that body fat goodbye! Give this bad boy a go and let me know what you think in the comments below!

You can do this workout from home with no equipment necessary!! Well, I’m excited!!!


Move #1 – Lunge + knee through + Press
Move # 2 – Jump Squats
Move # 3 – High Knees
Move # 4 – Side Plank + Hip drop with overhead extension
Move # 5 – Curtsy Lunge (alternating sides)

Circuit style training, get your timer out and enjoy the burn!


1.10 sec on moves 1 through 5 with minimal or no rest in between.

At the end of all the moves rest for 2 minutes.

Repeat the process but for 1 min on each move

with 1.5 min rest at the end.

Repeat for 45 sec on each move

with 1min rest at the end.

Repeat for 30sec on each move.


Move #1 – Lunge + Press
  • lunge back on one side, making sure chest is tall and eyes are facing forward
  • Aim to almost touch the back knee to the ground, enduring the front knee stays at 90 degrees
  • ensure the front knee does not push forward past your toes
  • drive the back knee up and through as you press your arms towards the sky ( you can add dumbbells as a progression)
  • return to start point and repeat all on one side before changing
  • For the circuit, one station should be split half the reps on your left and half the station on your right.

Move #2 – Jump Squats
  • Set up in a squat position; feet hip width, toes slightly facing out.
  • Jump up as high as you can and land back in your starting position.
  • ** Note: Be careful to land softly on your knees and with no jerky movements

Move #3 – High Knees
  • With your body up tall jog out your feet getting your knees as high as  your waist.
  • the faster and higher the better! Challenge yourself!

Move #4 – Side Plank + Hip drop with overhead extension
  • Set up side plank with hand under shoulder, strong core and feet stacked on top of one another
  • as you drop your hips let your arm drop with them
  • Drive your hips up as high as you can get them as you lift your arm and raise it above your head.



Move #5 – Curtsy Lunge (alternating sides)

  • Take right leg behind left and lower knee toward ground
  • Step back to standing
  • Repeat on other side

Enjoy babes and don’t forget to tag #livelaughlunge in your sweaty selfies!



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