Your style is…           

Ever-changing! Im a Gemini, which is like being 10 people built into one, so my style changes with my mood…

When it comes to working out, give me colour, animal prints – something exciting and interesting… or matching! I love a good colour combo. When it comes to winter? All black baby!

Great workout gear really motivates me to feel inspired! To train hard. Be confident. A good fit is a must, and high wasted is my go-to!

Morning routine?

I rise at 5am every day and drink my Morning Health Tonic (lemon, ginger, cider vinegar, cayenne pepper) as I prepare for my day.

I always play music as I get ready, usually from YouTube, weirdly enough.

Breakfast is always prepared the night before so I can grab and eat before heading to the gym, park or beach for my first Personal Training client.

I never eat ‘standard’ breakfast food. You will usually catch me eating left over dinner, chicken + salad, smoothie, eggs with salad, quinoa bowl… ok sometimes even fish!

By 6am I have my first Live Laugh Lunge-er in for their morning training session.

My clients work hard. If you’re up that early you’d better make the most of every second!

We always laugh… a lot… (in between sets!) because I am fortunate to train THE best people. They train hard, are positive, strong, hilarious, sometimes naughty, and so much fun! I just don’t know how I got so lucky!

After my morning clients I do my own workout.

At the moment my weekly schedule is 2-3 x high intensity resistance (a mix of bodyweight / crossfit / Kettlebells / TRX work) , 1-2 x  HIIT or 5km run for time, and 1x yoga.

On my weekends I naturally wake at 6am, usually potter around and catch up on editing the video or Ebook I’m working on while I drink my morning tonic.

I then grab a friend (if they are up) and go for a surf, beach walk, Lighthouse run, gym session or yoga…

If I don’t feel like doing any of the above, that’s fine too! I grab a chai (loose leaf with almond milk, no honey) from Bayleaf or Roadhouse, lay on the beach and soak in all the beauty.


Current obsession?

My cruiser (bike). I only just fixed it with my bare hands, and am obsessed with riding it to town, the beach or work.

Usually it’s quicker than driving due to Byron’s summer traffic.

If I’m having a stressful or busy day, it’s almost like a little meditation before my next client or meeting… you can’t not have a smile on your face when you’re riding a baby blue cruiser around in the sunshine!

Irrational fear of?

Snakes! The fear is rational … however the extent of it is not!

If there is a picture in a book I can’t touch the page.
My hands literally shake at the thought of them if I’m walking through a bush track.

The worst is when I’m scrolling through Instagram and there is a picture of one and I accidentally touch it! eeeeeek (‘Thrills’ account gets me every time… grrrr!)

Can’t live without?

Sunshine, Squats, Smiles and my Friends who are like my family.

First job?

Swimming Teacher! Teaching all the little kids not to drown, the ultimate life lesson… very important and serious.. however don’t worry there was lots of blowing bubbles and bucket showers to make it fun!

Fantasy dinner guests?

Jimmy Fallon, for all the laughs. Jessica Sepel, so I can pick her brain on all things health and business. Beyonce and Beckham, because let’s face it you just have to!

Favourite book of all time?

Toss up between “The Healthy Life” By Jessica Sepel and “Washed Elegance” by Cait Miers

I actually never read novels because if I ever get a spare moment I like to be educating myself and cannot justify reading for pleasure (bad I know, should relax more often), so I read a lot of nutrition / fitness books. I am the ultimate #HealthNerd!!!

Jessica Sepel’s book is a must read for all women, I make all my clients read it and have two copies!

However, “Washed Elegance” is solely ocean inspired images, I can lose myself in it for hours.

Favourite exercise?

Lunges all the way! (Hence the name Live Laugh Lunge)

They give the ultimate burn making every rep super satisfying. You can literally feel your butt and legs getting tighter!

There are also so many awesome variations to hit different angles of the legs, booty and even core.

Something most people don’t know about you?

I dance every morning … in the mirror as I put my makeup on… like EVERY MORNING I get down. God I hope no-one is ever watching me… they would either be terrified or super jealous of my drops, I just can’t decide which.

If you had 10 seconds to change the world, what would you do?

Smile, because that one little thing begins a ripple effect that can change the world.

Tell us about a woman who inspires you?

Bethany Hamilton – She had her arm bitten off by a shark and still gets out in the ocean, overcomes all her fears (can you even imagine!) and not only surfs but SHREDS and is still a pro surfer. You go girl, what a champion!

… and there are people out there who can’t even make it to the gym once a week because it seems too hard (harsh but true, I am all tough love).

Best thing about Being YOU?

I live the life I absolutely LOVE! I am so lucky to help others to reach for the stars and turn their dreams into reality.

anddddddd……. the fact that I have an inflatable unicorn that I can take wave-riding in between clients!

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