It’s that time of year where 100,000 people head to Byron Bay for Easter & for Blues Fest bringing with them their loogies from far and wide. Fantastic for those that live here. Our immune system needs to stay on top all winter long!

They say Byron is the capital of STI’s, well I am a firm believer it is also the capital of the flu and any other bug that exists from here to Europe… My immune system has (thank fully) built over the years of grotty travellers and sweaty gym seats. However, there is no doubt that every year my throat starts to tingle and I get close to ending up like a snotty little child.

So, this year as I begin to suffer, instead of wallowing in my misery I instead will share with you my Top 5 Tips for Fighting the Flu this season! Even if you get it, may these suggestions help you kick it ASAP, because there is nothing more frustrating than being bed ridden!


TIP #1 

ArmaForce (BioCeuticals) Take as SOON AS you start to feel the flu come on. I swear by this as do ALL my friends here in the bay!

Note** this is a ‘practitioner only’ medicine. You will need to get it from your naturopath or to head to a health store or chemist that has an in-store naturopath… trust me it’s worth it!!

TIP #2 

Mediherb Throat Spray – For those little tickles that start in your throat and end up like razors.

TIP #3 

Vitamin C powder – when your immune system is low, this is where to go!

TIP #4 

Rest! (but actually do it). Hello Netflix!!!! Don’t stress yourself about what you should be doing, or the things you are missing out on. This only makes it worse! Surrender to the fact that your immune system was low and you need a little down time.

TIP #5 

DO NOT train, especially cardio as you start to get sick, this can speed the flu virus around your body! Once you start to get better, being with light walks and postural work before hitting the heavy stuff or intense cardio! (we all learn from our mistakes).

May you stay happy, healthy and fabulous!!! And watch my video too, trust me it’s much more exciting than reading this!



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