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You’re 4 Weeks away from being slimmer, trimmer and more energised.

You’re a busy women who has a desire to lose weight and feel sexy. 

But no matter how hard you try, you can’t seem to lose the weight and keep it off. 

Which leaves you feeling deflated and disappointed. 

Do any of the following sound familiar?

  • Every time you try to lose weight, you end up giving up or falling off the wagon.
  • You tell yourself that you can’t do it, and you’ll never be slim and trim.
  • Your inability to lose weight is beginning to affect other areas of your life.
    For instance maybe you’ve started to wear baggy clothing and you
    no longer feel sexy when you’re naked.
  • You’ve spent a small fortune diets and programs but nothing seems to work.

You may even be disheartened that you’re thinking of giving up altogether. 

 The truth is..

slimming down doesn’t have to be so hard. 

You just need some help. This is where I come in. 

Imagine if weight loss was easy… 

If you could effortlessly stick to your exercise regime and nutrition plan and you life was suddenly fulfilled with body confidence, vitality and energy. 



 ‘4 Week Jump Start’  with Jaz.

These 4 weeks will show you exactly how to lose weight so that you can feel
happy, healthy and love the skin you are in.

Using my signature blend of One-on-One Transformational Health Coaching and weight-loss accountability measures, you’ll go from feeling tired and frumpy to being lighter, healthier and full of life.

You’ll discover how to eat correctly for weight loss and learn about the smallest lifestyle changes that achieve the biggest results, allowing you to fast-track your success.


After completing the ‘4 Week Jump Start’ you’ll:

  • Feel so light that you’ll be able to slip into your favorite skinny jeans, no muffin top!
  • Know how to get rid of fat stores without starving or depriving yourself.
  • Conquer binge eating habits for good, which is key to keeping the weight off.
  • Discover the secret to healthy and sustainable living.
  • Master simple techniques that will help you have the body you desire.

Your Program Includes:

Are you ready to slim down?

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  • 90 Day Intensive 

  • 6 Month Transformation