I believe in beauty, and in the beauty of imperfections.

I believe the most incredible art comes from just that, imperfection.

Most of you do not know, my background did not start with fitness… or maybe in some way it did. But where I come from is different, my mind works in different ways, its dramatic and traumatic, creative and energetic. It is oh-so light, and yet sometimes so dark.

My journey began with art.

With creativity.

With endless ideas and opportunity.

I am a believer of creation.

My Mum is an artist, she was always creative… I don’t think anything in our house was in a straight line. There was nothing lined up in an orderly row with a monotone colour palette.

There were bright paintings and little statues of birds sitting in hay woven nests. The walls were not stark white but with a feature wall, textured and painted a warm yellow hue. My room was painted any colour I desired, at that young age a very light aqua blue was my choice. The windowsill a vibrant metallic turquoise… the colour of a mermaids tail.

At university I started at Art School… Painting, printmaking, photography researching and learning.

I would create something from nothing. I spent my days looking for inspiration in every nook, cranny and deserted alleyway.

When I got into fitness it was because I believed that you could create anything. You can create an artwork. You can create the life that you want. And I also believe that your body is an artwork, you can also create that. You can create the body you desire.

In Art, imperfection is perfection. Fat rolls are beautiful lines and curves, hair (even in all the wrong places) is texture. Wrinkles are stories yet to be told and an unbalanced face is expression and personality.

This is where I began. This is what I believe. I also believe you don’t have to strive for perfection, you just strive for whatever you desire.

At this stage in my life my body became my art form, as I learnt how to change it, to create the body I wanted.

I’m not going to sit here and tell you it was easy, but I started to create an art form of my body, reshaping it to the art form I desired. Every. Single. Day. Artworks take time, sometimes there are many layers. Your body is the same, it takes time, focus and dedication.

My body has never been ‘perfect’, however, I find there is more expression in imperfection.



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