Hindsight is a beautiful thing.

As I sit in my bedroom sniffling away with a horrible summer flu, while the sun shines outside and the rest of Byron Bay is sipping Coronas and surfing crystal clear waves, I curl up into the fetal position and write this blog post so that you, my loved ones, can do as I say, not as I do.

Falling into overwhelm and overwork so early in the festive season… tut, tut tut.

Allow this to be my learning curve. I vow to take my own advice from now on…

So let this be a little ‘note to self’ and also note to you.

The festive season is full of things we need to be doing. It’s that time of year that work ramps up as you draw to the end of the year, whilst also your social life and family life ramps up all at once as well. 

Juggling work, family, friends and social commitments is just plain overwhelming sometimes.

Christmas party after party, Christmas gift shopping, working long hours with highly stressed co-workers, family and friends staying, visiting and going out for dinners. Bikini season starting in Australia…

How to balance all of that and still keep your rig in shape?!

Juheeeeezus! So many first world problems it hurts. 

There seems to be lots of energy going out and not enough coming in.

5 Ways Of Coping With Holiday Stress


1. Cull Commitments.

The BEST way to Cull Commitments is to ask yourself:

“Is this (outing, event, party) going to give me energy? or is it going to deplete my energy?” 

If you are going out with people who you love and enjoy, to something you’ve been looking forward to… and it’s going to give you happiness, and energy from having fun, laughing and catching up with loved ones… then by all means go and ENJOY! 

This is what the festive season is for… ENJOYING!! 

If you have a commitment that you feel is going to drain you of energy or make you feel overwhelmed or stressed, it’s time to CULL. 

If you need to CULL an event, try and do it as early as possible. Don’t agree to go and then pull out later on, this is flakey and annoying.

Explain honest and openly with whomever it may concern that you are not going to be able to make it and hope they understand.

At the end of the day, even if they don’t like it… is it really worth going just to please the other people at a sacrifice of yourself, your energy and your health?

Eg. If you end up committing to too much and getting sick, you won’t be able to attend any events (even the ones you want to), you won’t be able to go to work, or to buy all those Christmas gifts people are so god damn eager for!  =  FESTIVE SEASON MELTDOWN 


2. Realise how much stress is coming externally and how much stress you are putting on yourself…

Sometimes, if you are like me, lots of stress comes internally as there is so much you want to achieve before Christmas / before end of year and so much love you want to give over the festive season.

Give yourself a little break, you don’t have to be superwoman (or superman). Take some pressure off yourself, breathe, we are only human. Less self pressure, more self love. 


3. Keep up your fitness routine

Needless to say, staying fit helps you stay in shape and also helps to lower stress levels. Even if you need to cut back your workout time, just 30 minutes is all you need, but do it EVERY DAY!

The only way to keep up your fitness? Make it a NON-NEGOTIABLE in your life and schedule every workout straight into your diary. 

Remember to work hard, get sweaty and use resistance training; gym weights (dumbbells, barbells etc)  or body weight are both great.

(See Fit and Fabulous 21 Day Challenge HERE or  3 HIIT workouts for Short Attention Spans HERE)

If you are feeling completely exhausted take yourself for an energising power walk (preferably outside) instead. Even if it’s just 10 minutes on your lunch break it will do wonders!


4. Enjoy treats (and cocktails) mindfully

You don’t have to miss out completely, but small portions are good my loves! Sometimes you only need one margarita not 8 (note to self).

Also, there is no-one out there forcing you to eat unhealthy foods, to have a drink or to have a cocktail. This is your life and your body, you make the decisions. So don’t blame your hangover on your bestie (although I have no doubt she is a bad influence).

Also if you are going to a friend’s house or a Christmas party take a healthy platter... hummus and veggies or pretty little pieces of fruit and a bottle of mineral water with lemon and at least that way you will always have a healthy choice with no stress.

Go for low sugar bevvies if you are going to have one. I always go for a refreshing vodka, soda, fresh lime over some sugary, nasty, hangover laden drink any-day…. Unless of course you catch me at Mez Club with the girls… and a margarita….. oops…

Drink lots of water between your bevvies (does anyone EVER listen to this tip? probably not, let’s be honest).


5. Be A Festive Season Boss

Everything you decide to do, do it well, and do it like a god dang BOSS!!!! Yeweeeeeee 



Your Loving Coach and Trainer 

Jaz Xx