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Success Stories

“I found the meals to be really good, and easy to make which was amazing.I noticed my skin looking a lot healthier, and I lost about 2 kilos which was what I wanted!! So all in all it was amazing!”
Byron Bay,NSW
2.5 weeks into the Challenge: “I’m down almost 12 lbs (5.4kg) and right now I’m wearing a jacket that didn’t fit right a few weeks ago!”
London, UK
“My family and I recently relocated from Byron to Singapore, and I decided to give the 21 day challenge a go, it was a great opportunity to form new habits in a new environment from the get go. I got so much from the experience, I’ve lost weight, I look and feel stronger and the best bit is I don’t feel deprived by my new lifestyle, in fact my husband agrees were eating some of the most delicious meals we’ve ever had, and exercise which had been a bit of chore is now an integrated part of my day – a walk, a yoga class, a bike ride to school. Jaz has a great outlook to living life and I really enjoy working with her.”
Singapore, AS
“Wow, 21 days already. I have totally loved this challenge. Yes I am exercising a bit more and am certainly more active and YES my body has changed shape (and size). But the most important change for me is in my eating. I really needed to do this to kick myself into some healthy habits. I have more energy. I don’t feel sick after every meal like I did before. And best of all, it’s not that hard to stay organised and eat well. Thanks Jaz – this has been a wonderful experience. I know that my exercise regime will always have to be adjusted to suit my physical capability on any given day – though you are really helping me to understand that I can push myself. Life is good!”
Byron Bay, NSW
Thanks Jaz for encouraging me to take on the 21 Day Challenge. I’ve appreciated the ongoing support and found the exercises and food plan a welcome change to my lifestyle. As a non-sporty person, you’ve taken the fear out of exercise for me. It’s the first program I’ve felt where it’s not a short term fad diet but rather a program that teaches you how to make good food choices and implement exercise into a busy schedule so that it becomes routine and habitual. After 21 days it’s easy to now say no to those sugary treats. I now crave the good stuff and my kids are watching and learning that “healthy is normal”. It’s been eye opening to feel how good food and exercise can affect you so much. Thanks Jaz, I’ve really enjoyed the Challenge!
Byron Bay, NSW
I’m feeling great, I feel light! I’ve got a waist back which is always the hardest part for me to lose. My skin is good, much clearer. I can’t imagine drinking coffee or alcohol, its just so dehydrating! Stopping coffee has made me feel neutral, no highs or lows through the day, just great! I Love the recipes to go to for food ideas…I’m starting to look at other things (processed foods ) and not see it as ‘food’ anymore. The food guidelines to follow made me realise that although I think I eat “ok”, there’s so many better choices to be made; and it’s still tasty and satisfying. Having an exercise program that can be done anywhere indoors or out using only my body weight was perfect as it fits into my busy lifestyle. I think I’ll just keep going on it!
Byron Bay, NSW
I just wanted to say thanks for launching me on my health journey. I came into personal training as a late starter and with a very limited sporting background and have enjoyed the hard, hard work and the the massive changes in my body in a really short time. I have toned up and feel stronger everywhere, in particular, arms and upper body which were alarmingly weak before. This increase in core strength has improved my tennis playing and appears to have reduced the incidence of lower back and knee pain that I was experiencing. I was hesitant to do the 21 day challenge as I didn’t think I had the time to do it however I found it really manageable and beneficial. I’ve enjoyed eating more vegetables and, having a sweet tooth, working out where to find my natural sugars. Plus, eating more healthily and more often has given me an even energy level throughout the day – no more 2pm slump at work – and curbed my intense sugar cravings at night. I’m sleeping so much better now and have really enjoyed sharing healthier food with my 7 year old daughter although that means there’s never any quinoa pancake mix left for me! She even joins in with the exercises and shows me ones of her own. Since finishing the challenge I have continued with a less strict version of the diet and exercise more regularly. I have drastically reduced my sugar intake and have kicked coffee and it doesn’t even feel like a hardship.
Byron Bay, NSW
After completing the 21 Day Challenge I have achieved my goal of losing fat from my stomach (and other places such as face, back, legs, arms), and re-training my eating habits in a sustainable manner. I feel fitter, healthy, happy and alive with no cravings. At the end of my challenge I flew to Byron to visit Jaz and show her the results! Jaz looked through my food diary and she could see I hadn’t even considered slacking off. Her nutritional guidance is inspiring and I have learned so much. I never feel hungry and have absolutely no inclination to eat the wrong foods. She is a great role model for me. I took the opportunity for some consults while visiting. Byron is such a beautiful place. I walked on the beach each day and yes..rode a bike around town. I discovered fresh organic produce, fabulous markets, divine boutiques, and unique artist studios all in a lush tropical paradise. I lost another 1cm and 1.5 kg in the 5 days I was there! That brought my total weight loss to 6.5 kg in 26 days, with 9.5cm off my waist. I plan to keep going with Jaz’s help. I begin the 4 week Jump Start today. I can’t wait to wear my new outfit to the 2 weddings coming up! I lost 5kg and 8.5cm from my waist in 17 days. Super healthy, never easy! Thanks Jaz, this is just the beginning of my new self.
South Australia
What I gained most from the 21 Day Challenge was an overall improvement and understanding for my health and wellness. I lost weight, gained muscle strength and increased my fitness levels. The experience also helped me to break bad habits, push boundaries to realise my potential and maintain a healthy and balanced lifestyle. The challenge was actually a lot of fun and surprisingly went quick!! Within days I found myself feeling lighter, more energised, productive, and proud that I was seeing results so quickly. Over the three weeks we received a new workout and fitness routine each morning, and the structure of the exercises were engaging and informative that I stayed committed and looked forward to the next. With Jazzy’s dietary knowledge and health coaching, she really helped me understand the importance of nutrition as a whole. The nutrition information and meal planning is formatted in such a great way that it really improved my eating patterns, (something I had always struggled with), plus her recipes are amazing!! Jazzy’s passion for her job and healthy lifestyle shines through, and her commitment to her clients and as a trainer is admirable. Her coaching style is extremely personal; she is attentive, supportive, smart, encouraging and engaging, everything you need and want in a personal trainer! By investing in the 21 Day Challenge, I have gained a lot of knowledge that is extremely beneficial to my everyday life. Thanks for everything Jaz, I feel and look so much better since I started training with you, and I’m excited for further results!
Rhian Bosco
29, Byron Bay, NSW

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