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A bunch of power women in love with summer, working out and striving for success whilst living every day to its fullest.

LLL ladies stay fit and toned year round by training HARD & SMART whilst eating a specific #LLLApproved, nutrient dense diet. 


Hi, I'm Jaz.

Hi! I’m Jaz a Personal Trainer / Health and Nutrition Coach for busy women from all round the world, who want to feel confident, fit and sexy in their bodies, but don’t want to spend hours on end in the gym.

How I Can Help!

Through my One-on-one Personal Training / Health Coaching Sessions / Fit and Fabulous 21 Day Challenge, I’ll show you exactly how to achieve the body you desire, so you can feel confident and look sexy in any outfit in your closet. 

Ready to get started? 

21 Day Challenge

Get fit and fabulous in JUST 21 days. This online program will help you discover a powerful method for shaping and toning your body.

Personal Training

Are you ready to transform your body. Feel tight, toned and confident without spending hours in the gym or following crazy fad diets.

Health Coaching

‘4 Week Jump Start’ with Jaz, that will show you exactly how to lose weight so that you can feel happy, healthy and love the skin you are in.


Feel sexy and confident so that you can get out there and start living your dreams.


Be your happiest self, exude energy and inspire others.


Give yourself the body you desire and wear it with confidence and style.

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